Liver cake recipe for dogs

There’s nothing quite like homemade dog treats, and our liver cake recipe is sure to become a firm favourite with your dogs.

With homemade dog treats you can be sure of the ingredients and ensure that there are no unnecessary additives.

Best of all, it makes a great training treat which you can chop it into very small pieces and freeze it for up to 3 months!  

‘Oat so Good’ liver cake…

I use organic porridge oats in my liver cake recipe, but you could use wholemeal flour or, even try,  gluten-free flour. Make friends with your local butcher and ask for liver off-cuts, which are cheap and make this recipe really cost-effective.

My top tips for a great liver cake, that your dog will love, are:

  • Always line your baking tin (if you don’t, you will end up having to buy a new one!)
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with the recipe. If your dog loves cheese, add in some grated cheese.
  • Chop the cake into very small pieces, while it’s still warm.

Download your copy here or click on the photo.

Happy baking!

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