Boredom Busters & Brain Games

Just like humans, dogs can become bored. It’s often said that: “the devil finds work for idle hands” and the same could be said for “idle paws.”

Our dogs don’t destroy things or exhibit behaviours we don’t like out of spite – dogs are not pre-programmed to know right from wrong! Rather than intentionally breaking the rules, dogs tend to form habits they enjoy.

If you’d rather your dog formed habits you like, our handy ‘boredom busters’ will help your dog channel some of their mental and physical energy into habits that you can both enjoy.

Make the most of the ‘wet weekends’ & school holidays

Wet weekends and school holidays are  a great time to try out fun activities like trick training, brain games and food puzzles – such as the muffin tin game – and ‘treasure hunts’ for hidden (dog friendly) food or toys.

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