Basic training cues

Everyone likes a well-mannered, well-behaved and polite dog – one that you can take anywhere.  However, dogs don’t come ‘pre-programmed’ with the knowledge of what is expected of them in today’s world.  It is up to us, as their owners/guardians, to teach them what we expect and help them cope with the demands of being a dog in the 21st century.

Our leaflet provides guidance on how to train your dog in the basics of:

  • How to attract and maintain your dog’s attention
  • How to train a recall
  • How to train ‘leave it’
  • How to train a ‘stay’

The leaflet was written for the Greyhound Trust but the training advice is suitable for all dogs – not just greyhounds!
PDF file  Download the leaflet

Make a donation to the  Greyhound Trust

If you’ve downloaded the leaflet and found it helpful, why not consider making a donation to the Greyhound Trust?  No matter what the amount, every donation counts and helps care for and find homes for retired racing greyhounds.

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