How to help your dog cope with visits to the vets

Not all dogs enjoy visiting the vets. If your dog has only ever experienced vet visits for vaccinations or other procedures (which may be painful), it’s likely that they will be worried in the veterinary surgery.

If you haven’t been able to undertake vet socialisation visits (out of hours visits, where your dog gets to meet the vet, experience the waiting room and consult room, whilst receiving treats), you can still make vet visits less stressful with a little bit of careful planning and my following my top five tips.


Top five tips to help your dog at the vets

If your dog is worried by vet visits, my handy infographic has top five tips to make visits more manageable:

1. Appointment time – Pick a time when the surgery isn’t busy

2. Waiting room – If the waiting room is full, think about using your car or waiting outside

3. Entrances & Exits – Speak to your vet BEFORE your visit, to see if there is a ‘back door’ you can use

4. Handling – Teach your dog to become used to vet-style handling

5. Don’t forget the treats – You can use treats as a distraction (check with your vet first)


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How to help your dog cope with vet visits infographic
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