How to help your dog cope with New Year’s Eve Celebrations.

Part of our FREE infographic range, we’ve five top tips to help you and your dog prepare for New Year’s Eve Celebrations.

    Top 5 tips

    The key to helping your dog cope with New Year’s Eve celebrations is to plan ahead and follow our top five tips:

    1. Veterinary Help – Speak to your vet BEFORE any celebrations.

    2. Create a Den – Provide your dog with a safe-haven to settle in, away from party noise and human interruptions.

    3. Avoid Party Pandemonium – If you’re hosting a party, plan ahead.

    4. Party Food & Alcohol – Keep all party food and alcohol well out of reach.

    5. Don’t be afraid to provide reassurance – if your dog needs and enjoys it.


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    Infographic How to help your dog cope with NYE celebrations
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